Our products

10,000 successful installations among 1,500 customers worldwide. Yes, these are the guarantees we provide when we install EZManage Pro, Qure Optimizer, XEvent, Data Optimizer and EZManage Cloud in your business – products that enable you to get the most from your database!

Qure Optimizer

Qure Optimizer is a groundbreaking workload tuning solution which allows you to test options for improving SQL server processes in a sterile environment and automatically tune millions of queries with no load on production. From today, you too can enjoy a holistic solution for tuning workloads and automatically optimizing millions of SQL processes simultaneously.

EZManage Pro

Data is one of your most valuable assets. Efficient data management and improved performance of your MS SQL servers are essential for your organization's functioning and growth. With EZManage PRO, you can manage all your SQL servers in a single interface, monitor critical events and maintain the system conveniently and efficiently. And that's just the beginning.

EZManage Cloud

EZManage Cloud provides additional data investigation and viewing capabilities for customers using the EZManage Pro system. With our intuitive, user friendly web interface, users can access all their SQL servers from anywhere, at any time, and monitor both historical and real-time performance issues. EZManage Cloud also comes with an advanced information security module.

Data Optimizer

Why wait for tomorrow? Data Optimizer provides today's recommendations. The system records the processes running on your production server 24/7 in real time using the SQL Server’s Extended Events feature. The daily workload analysis is performed in a sterile environment without burdening server performance, based on the recording made during the day.


Your database is the heart of your organization. At any given moment it is required to provide an immediate response to the countless queries you send, quickly retrieving the relevant data. At Experda, we identified the need for a fast, easy and efficient system for improving processes. That’s why we created XEvent - a user-friendly system that offers a variety of capabilities that significantly contribute to the efficient functioning of your organization’s SQL server.