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In a saturated business market, companies are required to customize their business processes to evolving challenges and to frequently adapt technological solutions, in order to answer customer needs and create a competitive advantage. The ability to focus on the core of the business and lead your organization to success, begins with technological peace of mind and the efficient operation of the organization’s data systems and infrastructure.

Experda provides a variety of end-to-end solutions for managing the databases in both small and large businesses, allowing you to focus on your organization’s business goals and its growth. Experda’s dynamic service packages are tailor-made for your organization, in line with its commercial needs and technological challenges.

Consulting and architecture

Planning on implementing a data system, developing a work environment, or upgrading an existing system? Experda will provide you with professional insights and advice, leading to optimal planning, utilization of your database environment and managing demand – significantly contributing to the efficiency of the system, its users and the entire organization.

Every organization needs a functioning data infrastructure. However, the loss of data as a result of a technical malfunction, war, natural disaster or cyber terrorism, may disrupt the organization’s activities and even threaten its existence.

Experda’s, backup, recovery and storage solutions will help you prepare for any disruption to databases ahead of time, minimizing the economic and brand image damage in any scenario – no matter how extreme.

Business continuity & disaster recovery

Integration and
business intelligence

Higher quality performance starts with informed decisions based on smart and efficient data analysis. Experda will support existing BI processes or set up business intelligence systems from scratch and analyze the key business metrics using advanced business intelligence (BI) and leading visualization tools such as Power BI, SRSS and others.

Experda can import the data and create the required connection for you, in cases where data regarding applications and processes does not exist or is unavailable – ensuring the best interface through integration processes.
By gathering data, building queries and designing reports, you will improve your ability to analyze data and metrics and gain insights, leading to organizational efficiency and optimal performance.

Our services include the development, transformation and consolidation of interfaces using ETL processes such as SSIS and data derivation, creating a common language for different technological environments, working with departments and functionaries in your organization, including: Management, Operations, Finance, IT and Data Systems.

אקספרדה, כגורם מקצועי מוביל בתחום הדאטה ובסיסי הנתונים, מעמידה לרשותכם את הידע הארגוני הרחב ואת הניסיון העשיר של מומחי החברה, אשר ישמחו להעשיר את צוותי הפיתוח, ה-BI ותשתיות המחשוב בארגון שלכם. ההדרכות מיועדות לקבוצות קטנות או גדולות, מותאמות אישית לצרכים שלכם ומשלבות תוכן מעשי ותיאורטי, עם תרגול של תרחישים אמיתיים מהשטח.


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