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In a saturated business market, companies are required to adapt their business processes to evolving challenges and frequently adapt their technological solutions, in order to answer consumer needs and create a competitive advantage. Your ability to focus on your core business and lead your organization to success, begins with technological peace of mind and the efficient functioning of the data systems and infrastructure in your organization.

Experda provides a variety of end-to-end solutions for managing databases in both small and large businesses, giving you the flexibility to focus on your organization’s business goals and growth. Experda’s dynamic service packages are tailor-made for your organization, in line with its specific business needs and technological challenges.

DBA as a Service

If you don’t employ a full-time DBA but need part-time or full-time DBA services, Experda’s DBA as a Service is just what you need. Here, you will enjoy proactive and flexible DBA services provided by the best DBAs in Israel who will provide you with all the applications and infrastructure related to databases, in a cloud, hybrid or local environment – customized to your needs:
Does your data system suffer from bottlenecks or poor performance? Experda will conduct an analysis of your work environment, involving your employees, software and application providers. At the end of this stage, you will receive a detailed report with an analysis of the current situation and recommendations for improvement, which you can implement yourself, or through Experda’s professionals, restoring the system to efficient functioning. If necessary, Experda can provide ongoing maintenance services that will reduce the frequency of malfunctions and downtime, ensuring optimal functioning of your data system over time.

Optimization and performance improvement

SLA alerts

SLA 24/7 NOC services provide you with a continuous technological solution and around-the-clock support for your organization’s data environments and our products. Our team includes experienced DBAs who are available 24/7 with fast response times to troubleshoot and ensure business continuity. The team is skilled at implementing and providing an ongoing response to the company’s data management products and directs the continuous requests received from you to the DBA team, in line with the service mix originally defined according to your requirements.
Focus on your core business and leave it to Experda to take care of your data and infrastructure systems, by outsourcing specific projects, processes and tasks. Experda’s outsourcing services offer a winning combination of a skilled team of DBA and infrastructure experts with extensive practical experience in addressing the challenges involved in managing and operating software development, hardware and computing infrastructure and the rich organizational experience that Experda has gained in supporting companies from all sectors in Israel and abroad.

Experda’s outsourcing services are tailor-made to your needs, the nature of the work, and its scope. We carefully select the consultant, candidate or team whose training and experience provide real added value to your project. Benefit from continuous peace of mind, professional development of your IT staff, constant technological upgrades and rapid return on investment.


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