EZManage Cloud

SQL performance reaches the cloud

EZManage Cloud offers an additional cloud platform for customers using the EZManage Pro system. Every organization that has SQL Server needs to know that the server is well maintained, backed up and should be notified ahead of time in case a problem occurs. With an intuitive, user-friendly web interface, EZManage Cloud provides access to all your enterprise’s SQL servers and databases from anywhere, at any time, monitoring their activity, sending alerts about incidents and bottlenecks. The system investigates performance issues both historically and in real time and comes with an advanced information security module.

EZManage Cloud - The benefits that come with the cloud

24/7 control and monitoring by the NOC team

Full control from your smartphone

Predict system behavior

Protect organizational data

Even in the cloud, information security is critical EZManage Security

System requirements
EZManage Cloud

LOCAL EZManage pro installation

• Port 1437 to 82.81.139

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