EZManage Pro

Management and improvement of server performance

EZManage Pro provides you with highly efficient management and monitoring tools, which present all the organization’s MS SQL servers and databases in a unified and graphical way on an intuitive management interface. This enables DBAs to focus on the complex and important tasks they face, without wasting valuable time performing routine activities like managing databases and improving server performance.

EZManage Pro significantly streamlines the work of the DBA. The system helps them improve database performance, reduce the frequency of failures and shutdowns, identify problematic trends, and prevent faults while investigating and identifying their causes.

As EZManage Pro users, you can enlist the close support of Experda’s NOC team to provide you with 24/7 remote DBA services, monitor and manage suspicious incidents, handle incidents in real-time and prevent incidents that are about to occur.

EZManage Pro - Your Ultimate DBA

Optimize DBA activity

Achieve technological peace of mind

Save time and money

Ensure business continuity

System requirements
EZManage Pro

• Dedicated SQL Server 2012 STD and above

• Windows Server 2012 and above

• windows installer 4.5 and above

• .net 4.5 and above

• CPU 4 cores

• Memory 12 GB

• Disk space 200 GB

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