Our story

We’re Experda. Nice to meet you!

Your data is a strategic asset. At Experda, we help you get the most out of it. By making data stored on your organization’s servers accessible to all your users quickly and efficiently – and helping you maintain your data’s availability and resilience, we provide you with technological peace of mind, cost savings and ability to boost performance, driving business growth. Experda offers a unique combination of professional services and end-to-end solutions in the database and data realms.

From the implementation and maintenance of automation tools and management of systems, processes and databases in the organization, through optimization and support in crisis situations, to project management of architecture design and development. Enjoy all of this, accompanied by professional, flexible, highly available service and proven technological capabilities on-prem and in the cloud.

Where are we from and where are we heading?

It all started with FutureIT, a startup trading on OTC Markets Group on Wall Street and – EZManage SQL, a management and monitoring product for SQL servers that conquered the market. After being acquired, we became a private company called Experda and started providing complementary consulting services in the field of database management. Over the last few years, we have expanded our professional services and software solutions in the database field, acquiring DBSophic, a developer of software solutions for performance improvements, and Qure Optimizer. Then, in 2020 we merged with Datasite, another professional services and consulting provider, becoming the leading database player in Israel.

What do we do?

At Experda, we employ only leading DB professionals in Israel, professionals who know your business inside out and design end-to-end, dedicated solutions for managing your database systems: Developers focused on developing new product versions and constantly upgrading existing products, DBA professionals who accompany you on all the applicative and infrastructure aspects related to your database – remotely or at your office, highly-skilled NOC personnel providing 24/7 technological support and rapid response times, and customer portfolio and delivery managers, here to answer your needs. This orchestra is conducted by a management team intimately connected to what’s happening in the field and always available for you – to answer any question or request.